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Immediate Need

We are available by phone 24 hours a day


(678) 549-1701​


How can we help?


We are a small, family, paranormal investigation team that have the experience and education to assist you. If you have or believe to be experiencing paranormal activity, ghost sightings, strange noises, thoughts of not being alone, or any other experiences. Please contact us.

We are very professional and can assist you with any needs you may have. We always insist on the property owners being present during the investigation as to assist and be a first hand witness to our practices.

We are a faith based group and have had amazing results in debunking natural causes to so called paranormal activity and great results in confirming presence of paranormal activity. There is no cost for any of our services but donations are accepted and appreciated.

If you believe we could be of service to you please email us at Also follow us on Facebook at Small Town Paranormal GA. Serious inquiries only please.



Upon contacting us we will speak with you and gather information regarding your case. We employ several techniques for investigating and like to have history of the property, history of the alleged sightings, or your personal expieriences.


We have a generalized questionaire that we get you to complete as well.

Accepting Applications for Volunteers see the Join Us Section.

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